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We encourage the residents to do as much as they can but provide help where need.


In accordance with the prescribed procedures of individual doctors and the Adaptacare medication policy.


 All medications are handled and packaged in medication rolls by pharmacy and  delivered  weekly. Cost of medications remain the responsibility of the resident.

Personal Hygiene

Hand/face washing; mouth care; hair; make up (for Ladies); shaving (for Men).


Including bowel and bladder incontinence care.


 Including jewelry and accessories.


In/out of bed; walking; chair assistance; Up/Down from Chair; Wheelchair Assistance; Transfers.


Cutting Foods; adapting utensils; feeding; assisting with condiments.


Hearing aids; glasses; written communication for hearing impaired.


Wandering; confusion.

Other activities

Specific for each resident, we will provide opportunities for recreational activities and entertainment.

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Palliative Care

Following the protocols of the Alberta Health Services and the Palliative Care Association.

Other Types of Services

Any other extra ordinary service requested or required. It may be long or short term; such as oxygen and maintenance of equipment,

AdaptaCare has a hairdresser that comes to the home weekly of residents or family wish to purchase her services.

Foot Care comes every 6 - 8 weeks to provide foot care to those who desire services.

Individualized Care

These fees are assessed according to the individual's need and request for assistance/service as determined by an individual and their family in consultation with the Resident Care Manager.

Care fee subsidy may be available from Alberta Health.

Contact your Community Care Case Manager at 345 - 3000 or phone our Office.

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Yard use and Maintenance:

Flower gardens, patios.


Bed, dresser, night table (unless individual prefers to use their own.)

Common Safety Aids:

Railings, bath bars, and wheel chair ramps.

Special day provisions:

Birthday, celebrations, family dinners.


Close but unobtrusive monitoring of well being, aided by systematic records and 24 hour staff coverage.

Open door policy:

Visitation and family/friends involvement highly encouraged.

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