AdaptaCare provides our seniors with specialized nursing and personal care in a unique, small-scale assisted living facility. The "needs levels" of our residents range from the almost independent to palliative care requirements (specifically designated SL3, SL4). It is expected that residents moving into our facility will not, except for exceptional medical and highly specialized nursing care requirements, be subjected to another change of location. The 50 bed-capacity home provides large and spacious private bedrooms with washrooms, common relaxation areas, dining areas and kitchen facilities. We have a total of 20 rooms on the 1st floor and another 30 rooms on the second floor. Staffed by LPNs and HCAs, working 24/7 shifts, the facility provides for a blend of privacy and opportunities for socialization in a relaxed family atmosphere.


Kliff Laurado

Owner and Operator

Kliff has a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce Major in Management Accounting and also an experienced Millwright Journeyman. His past supervisory experience in his trade and educational background in accounting management  provided him with needed expertise in overseeing   finance  and managing the maintenance department in the facility.

Pinky Laurado RN

Owner and Operator

Pinky has enjoyed a rewarding career in "people" enterprises as a Registered Nurse for the past 20+ years in different areas of nursing practice inclusive of caring for seniors,  both in acute care and long term care settings. She is a certified Safety Inspector and has worked as an Occupational Health Nurse managing  workplace safety and injury prevention for 200+ employees. Her portfolio includes teaching at Lethbridge College for the Nursing Education in Southern Alberta Bachelor of Nursing program for 5+ years. Pinky not only has the training and work experience but has a natural empathy and understanding of the needs of seniors. Her nursing background and total commitment to Adaptacare concept lends organizational know-how to the company.

Sharon Penton RN

Resident Care Manager

Sharon has been very involved with seniors over the past several years. She is a Registered Nurse with 18+ years experience in Home Care. This position involved home visits to clients (many who were seniors) for homecare services or placement. Her last 12 years in home care was as a Senior Coordinator over a team of registered nurses, health care aides and licensed practice nurses. Sharon came to work for Adaptacare in 2007 as the Resident Care Manager. She has a strong commitment to the residents receiving quality care service at our facility and has been very involved with Alberta Accommodations Compliance and Licensing to ensure both licensing and operating standards are met.


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